Ray T. Mahorney (rmahorney) wrote,
Ray T. Mahorney

Comments submitted to BBCWS on Obama's record of failure.
I said of Obama last year and I wasn't alone: I hope he fails. Keeping in mind that Obama is
an inexperienced man with a third world mentality in charge
of a first world state, by first world standards his record has been one of failure He failed to
get the 2016 Olympics. He is failing in Afghanistan and
Haiti. He is failing at reviving the US economy (government growth and fraudulent job creation
numbers don't count) He fails to get members of his own
party elected in domestic elections New Jersey Virginia and now Massachusetts. Because of the
Massachusetts result, many house and senate members will
likely be running for the tall grass and won't want to double down on efforts to ram down the
throats of the American people such a blatant attempt at
turning the United States into a socialist third world state in the guise of reforming the
health care system. Another Obama failure on the international
front was the failure by Obama to advance the climate change hoax at Copenhagen in December.
The record to date has reflected badly on Obama but the United
states and by extension the rest of the world should count itself fortunate that Obama is a
first world failure.

Ray T. Mahorney

Akron Ohio

Ray T. Mahorney

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